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  • Around the room track plan

    I’m getting better using the SCARM track planning software. Here is an around the room design. Any plans I draw up will only be rough guides. I have no delusions that there won’t be adjustments when it comes type to lay track.

    WSCCRRTrackPlan1 WSCCRRTrackPlan1-3D2 WSCCRRTrackPlan1-3D1

  • Layout planning – Finally figured out the software

    I have been playing with the SCARM layout design software. I think I finally have a pretty good handle on it. I put together a quick track plan this evening. By no means is this final.

    This plan incorporates the Wynne Gibson Mine and the Sydney Ellis Saw Mill. Essentially this is a 2 level layout. Lower level is pretty much general freight. The upper level is where the industries are located.


    As always, I am happy to entertain advice.

    2 level 2 level3d

  • Layout Design-UGH!

    I have been model railroading for most of my life. In all this time, I have never designed a layout. Oh, I’ve sketched up a few here and there, but never anything serious. I’ve spent all my time running on club layouts.

    I’ve just spent the past couple of hours trying to design an On30 layout design into a 12′ x 12′ space using SCARM design software. The software seems easy enough to do, but I can’t seem to fit the elements into the room with the software.

    One of my problems is I can visualize what I want to do in my head, but am having difficulty “putting it to paper.”

    I have the following design desires:

    1. Lower Single mainline with one passing siding. That is to day I want a lower main which will have a 24″ minimum radius. On this line will be 2 small passenger stations and a small engine house. This layer will have a sawmill and a smelter. A “Y” for turning engines would be good too. Should allow for looping operations so I can sit back and watch my trains run when I’m not switching.
    2. Upper single mainline with one passing siding. The small logging operation and mine will be located on this line. Figuring both to be simple single track spurs. Will need a place to run around the train as well. The siding may serve this.
    3. Elevation gain will be achieved by a loop in a steep canyon.

    So, any other considerations? Tips? HInts?

    Anyone want to take a stab a layout design with the above parameters?

    I’ll keep playing with the software as I have time. But end the end, I may simply build the open grid bench work and build as I go.